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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Holy Cow!

It's freekin' WARM out! Like 57 degrees! Amazing....

'Course, come Thursday we are supposed to get snow and arctic temps. But for right this second I'll take this little bit-o-spring.

Survived the class parties. I created a Valentine themed charades game. It's always fun to watch the kids ham it up.... And to watch the kids act out "falling in love" or "kiss" HILARIOUS!

[Hey Brice? Yeah you, in the first row of class? I've got my eye on you. You were guessing those lovey dovey charades just a little too easily.... My girls can't date until they are at least 16....]

Anyway, the chocolate dipped strawberries were a big hit. And the meat and cheese trays predictably devoured. Now I am going to go have a glass of wine (or more) and enjoy Valentine's Eve with my Hubby. Remember to smooch your sweetie too! You don't want your day to end like this....

Happy Valentines Day, y'all.