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Saturday, January 28, 2006


Mostly a good day. Some how it makes sense [sarcasm] that the day after the doggies get groomed it freekin' rains all day and turns the backyard into a vast muddy soupy landscape. Wonderful. Usually, I don't start wanting to pave the backyard until March -- lucky me. Spring is early.

Youngest (A) had her pom pon clinic this morning** so the uber moms were out in force. Plumage everywhere, not a hair out of place, trendy mctrendy. Little divas in tow.

Youngest slipped behind me at one point, "Those are the fashionistas, Mommy...." she whispered, pointing. Great. Much as I would have expected they were all dressed to match each other. What is wrong with these moms that feed into this crap?

Anyway, she had a good time and is looking forward to strutting her stuff at halftime of the next H.S. Basketball game. I am curious to see what kinds of activities she chooses as she gets older. I wouldn't have thought cheerleading would have appealed to her....

Eldest (K) could care less. She has spent all day re-coding her web page to display some new art she has created. (Note to Contagion -- A laptop w/ wifi is salvation when you have to share computer time. I'm just sayin.')

And me? I am spending the day in the basement. Hey, I'm just exchanging one shade of gray for another. The frickin' laundry has been breeding again. I don't know how that happens, it just does. I have dressed the place up a little -- I hung the posters today that the girls got me for my birthday. What? Oh... Harry Potter, of course.

**(is it just me? I keep thinking it should be pom pom -- but that's the way they spell it on everything here...)