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Thursday, January 26, 2006

It's Australia Day!

...and I have no idea what that means. That's just what it says on the puzzle calendar. What do Aussies do on Australia Day, I wonder? Ah, through the magic of the internet we can find out!

Australia Day is Australia's official national day, January 26. It commemorates the landing of the First Fleet in Sydney Cove on that day in 1788.

Australia Day is marked by civic celebrations around the country, including Order of Australia and Australian of the Year awards for outstanding achievement.

Fireworks celebrations are held in many towns and cities around the country.

Ahhh, so there are shrimps and barbies and awards and fireworks. Sounds good.

Anyhoo, today's puzzler is a cinch -- first come first serve on this one I think...

1) Add a "P" to a word that means "propel by oars" to find a word for part of a ship.

2) Add an "R" to a word for a farm animal to find a bird.

See? Easy.

So for Bonus Points: How can you physically stand behind your father while he is standing behind you?
As always, answers to be found in later in the comments....

Update: Today's winner (bonus points too) is jvh from Showcase of a Shattered Mind! Whoohoo!