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Monday, January 23, 2006


And I hope that your week gets off to a better start than mine...
Eldest: [whispering] "Mommy!"
Me: [one eye open] "Yes?"
Eldest: "A. (youngest) threw up..."
Me: [ever the optimist] "In a bucket?"
Eldest: "No..... Can I go on the computer?"
Pretty much the only good news here is that she was on the bottom bunk. I know, I'm stretching...

Anyway, here is today's brain bender. First come, first serve today I think!

A well-known statement has been put into more formal language below:

If one attempts to instruct an elderly member of the canine family in order to increase the range of his performance the effort is almost certainly doomed to complete failure.

What is the well-known statement?

As always, answer to be found in the comments.....

Update: Today's Speedy Smartypants (and known dog lover) is Oddybobo! What a winning week she's having, first the Steeler's big win and now this! Happy Monday Oddybobo!