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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Be careful what you wish for...

So for Easter Sunday, both Sporta (11) and Computa (12) decided that egg hunts were for "little kids" and they didn't really want one. (Just between you and me, I really hope they change their minds for next year. I love to hide and hunt eggs...) However, they *did* want to have a basket hunt!

Well, alrighty then - that's something at least!

Sporta has taken on a very "know-it-all" attitude of late and feels that it is her job to instruct everyone on just abut everything. Basket hiding techniques included.... As if I got my bunny ears yesterday... Huh.

So, she is all over me - "Mooooom - now make sure that you hide them really really HARD. We are not little lids any more! You can't just put them up high and have them be in plain sight! This need to be HARD or it wont be any fun!!"

"Yeah - I got it..."

"Seriously Mom, make sure! Remember - it has to be HARD!"

"Hard. Got it."

So I sent the girls away to go do whatever in the basement while I took my time (5 minutes tops) hiding the baskets and went back to making Easter dinner. Thirty minutes later I hear a tentative - "Mom?? Are you ready?? Did you have enough time to hide it HARD??"

"Yeah - I think I managed okay. Go for it..."

So with that - the girls were off! Sporta looking in some pretty inane spots - these baskets are not tiny after all - and Computa mostly unconcerned, letting her nose lead the way. Five minutes in to the deal, success!!

Computa: "I found mine! Whoohoo!! I almost didn't see it!!"

Sporta: "What?? It was in that closet?? I already looked there and didn't see anything!!"

Computa: "Yeah - Mom hid them HARD, remember?? You have to really look!!"

And off she went to examine the contents of her basket...

Two minutes later a visibly disgruntled Sporta was begging for clues. "You hid my basket too HARD!" She whined. To which I replied - "Be careful whet you wish for, it's in the house. Good luck." (Inside, of course, I was cackling maniacally...)

More stomping around - some half hearted attempts, many envious looks at her sister, Sporta finally gave in to her pride and begged Computa for some help... Computa sighed - and tired of her sister's endless pleading went to go help her look. Five minutes later she was back down stairs, a smug smile on her lips.

"I found her basket..." she said. "And I am not going to tell her where it is..."


"Good." I replied. "She wanted this to be hard..."

Computa gave me a grand eye roll. "Jeez Mom - *I* found it. It wasn't THAT hard!"

And Sporta *did* find her basket eventually. And said later that it wasn't all that hard...

Well alrighty then. Looks like I better have my bunny skills sharper for next year, eh?