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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Another conversation I *never* thought I'd have...

...with my husband. Really. Last week he came home with this announcement:

WxMan: Hey Babe?? I need high heels to wear to work on Saturday. Could you help me out with that?

Me: ... Uh.... Okay. Special occasion?? Or are you just not feeling pretty these days?? Do we need to talk??

WxMan: Oh, C'mon. I just need them for the morning meeting. My people met some goals I had set and this is what they wanted...

Me: Seriously?? Maybe we should work on the choices you give to people. What were you thinking??

WxMan: They came up with this, Babe. Not me. I just agreed to it.

Me: Ah. Well nothing in *my* closet is going to work for you. We can go check Payless later and see what's what. If you go with an open toe though you are going to need to polish those toes...

WxMan: Yeah well, THAT'S not happening.

Me: Uh huh - like I ever thought I'd be taking my husband shopping for heels to wear to work...


So there you go - off he went this morning with his three inch patent leather (black) pumps in hand. I cannot wait to hear how this worked out. Having tried them on, he declared
"Hey, these don't feel too bad! This is going to be a breeze!!"
Yeah, we'll see what he says after a couple of hours in them. And I will bet you a dollar that somebody challenges him to a foot race. I just hope I don't have to explain any injuries to an ER doc... Heh.