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Thursday, December 20, 2007

The irony of my life...

All y'all know I like to cook. Puttering in the kitchen and feeding people are some of my favorite things to do! The irony of my life is that the people that I live with?? Well - they could care less...


Given the choice between Sauteed Chicken and garlic in a marsala wine reduction with roasted vegetables and twice baked potatoes VS. chef boyardee beef ravioli out of the can?? The chef would win EVERY time. Hands down.

And it's not just the girls (though Sporta is usually pretty good about trying things...) - it's WxMan too. He likes food to be simple. Tacos, pizza, steak, spaghetti, sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, chicken fried anything... You get the picture. Oh, and green beans - he'll eat green beans. And peas.

With a few exceptions like my Chicken Tortilla Soup or Chicken Enchiladas - variations are not all that welcome. For example, he loves spaghetti but would make a face if I served lasagna.
Kilbasa but no Brats... Mashed potatoes but not scalloped... He loves chicken and smoked sausage but won't eat gumbo... Likes artichokes okay but won't try the Hot artichoke dip... You get the picture.

So last night he gets home and asks what's for dinner! As I indicated the crock pot full of yummy Potato Soup - he made the "but, what about me??" face.

"Oh, get a grip and fix a bowl. Everybody who has had this soup loves it and you LIKE potatoes ferGod's sake. Just try it."

So being hungry, and presented with no alternatives he reluctantly fixed himself a bowl. Two minutes later as he is topping off his bowl of soup - he turns to me and says,
"Hey - you know what?? This is GOOD!"

And these people wonder why I roll my eyes...