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Monday, November 19, 2007


The WHOLE weekend.

The "Spiritual Gifts" Workshop that took All.Day.Saturday. Gah... Shockingly enough (not) I have already figured out what my "gifts" are and use them regularly. Go figure... So there's 9 hours of my life that I will never get back. Oh well...

And yesterday I survived the Mother of all Migraines - good Lord people. I don't get a really bad one very often and I don't know how all y'all who suffer from these big nasty suckers on a regular basis do it... If I did get them more often then every few years or so I would definitely have an arsenal of prescription meds to turn to. A BIG arsenal.

So once I fell into bed last night at 11pm, wiped out and in definite need of rest and a hatchet removed from my head leave it to my subconscious to remind me that hey - things could always be worse... I dreamed that I fell down the stairs and broke both arms. Niiiiiice. Nothing like a little bit of perspective, Eh?

I'll go with a headache any day.

So today I am playing a bit of catch up - my head is much better and I need to make up for my lack of productiveness yesterday. Anybody else shocked to discover that Thanksgiving is Thursday?? Holy cow - how did that happen??

Nothing like hitting the ground running - now I just need to try not to fall down.