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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

And she wonders...

Why I might be a little bit upset when instead of feeling sick to her stomach then hustling her little ass to the bathroom to hurl, she chose to just lean over the side of the bed and puke on the floor.

Nothing like vomit first thing in the morning to set the tone for the day - and yes, I was neither kind nor gentle about it. I was pissed! She was not "asleep" - I had already been in to wake her for the day. And she informed me THEN that she wasn't feeling particularly well - to which I said, "Have a drink of water and see if you feel better after you are dressed..." I do not want to clean carpets because someone is to lazy to take their sorry ass to the toilet!! And then Sporta got all 'tude full with me when I informed her she would not be going to school. Give me a f-ing break.

Computa is openly hostile today because she is grounded from her internet access for a bit because as we WENT TO BED last night, she was attempting to finish her homework - homework she "forgot" she had to do when I asked the daily homework question. So *poof* no internet distraction for a while. She can just be mad - I don't care.

Oh, and then the doorbell rang at 7:30am - hooray! Cue the barking dogs!!! The neighbor kids were here to spend 20 minutes before catching the bus!! Whoo! Not that I didn't know they were coming, but dealing with the Chinese fire drill this morning did not make for a good environment to add in *extras*. Sheesh.

And WxMan? He stayed in bed through the ENTIRE ordeal. Perfect.

So?? How was your morning?