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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Home, home on the range!

Where the deer and the antelope play... (...sometimes on the road.)

That's where I'm headed. And I've got to make a list. Check it twice. And get organized. Santa's got nothin' on me today....

Nothing like planning a cross country trip with kids in tow to make you feel the need to get your sh*t together. WxMan is going to be bachin' it so I need to get his sh*t together too. If for no other reason than just to ease my mind...
**note to self - show WxMan where the fire extinguisher is**
He tends to set the toaster oven on fire when I'm gone, for no good reason.


Oh, and sometimes all of the fish die. But we have no idea why that happens either...

Anyway, we are getting ready to head out West for a couple of weeks. Off to the snowy mountains via the badlands of South Dakota.

I have made the trip before so I kind of have an idea what to expect and/or dread. And I already know that the best part of the trip will be arriving at our end point.

South Dakota takes a loooooooong time. A very long time. But once you get through it...



I am pretty excited about it actually. As are the girls' grandparents.

Now all I have to do is keep my fingers crossed that there will be NO SNOW and or BLIZZARDS while we are traveling. Please??

That would be really nice.

Maybe I could even hedge my bets a little - anybody know of a "no snow" dance or ritual I could perform?? That might help...