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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

So what do you suppose inspired the Mahnamanah Song....

No, really??

Was it simple proof that *everybody* did waaaay too many drugs in the 60's?

A way to introduce scat jazz to kids?

Further acknowledgement that Americans "have no taste or concept of fine art?"


Or heck, LDS??

And aren't you glad that the Brain Benders are easier questions to answer?? Ready?


To the best of our [discount MENSA calendar] knowledge, only one good English word can be made from all of the letters in the word RESCINDED using each letter only once.

What is the word?


And what happens to the "bad" English words, I ask you?? Are they rescinded?? Heh...

Yes, I *am* tired. Why do you ask?? Anyway, like always the answer will appear in the comments later.

And for your viewing pleasure (and so I can share the earworm that was inflicted on me today) I give you the Muppets version of the Mahnamana Song. Enjoy!

Update: Oddybobo the Bobo Blogger is today's official smartypants. Whoohoo!