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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Running late....

But hey, at least I'm running. That's a good sign.

And lucky WxMan has a day off today, so it's moving day too! Piano moving day.

(I keep seeing Warner Brother's cartoon clips involving piano mishaps in my head though... I sure hope that I get to at least be Bugs Bunny through the whole thing.)

Anyhoo, here is today's Brain Bender.


James has one more brother than he has sisters. His sister Miranda has twice as many brothers as she has sisters. How many boys and girls are there in the family? (There are no more than 10 children.)


Okay, you know how to play. The answer will be found later in the comments. And hopefully some new pictures of my free piano will be seen as well! Inside the house! I'll be the slightly squished one next to the piano...

Update: Oddybobo is today's official Smartypants. And she has the market cornered on cute swashbucklers today! Whoohoo!