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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Fun with food...

...and what fun it is! Mmmmmm....

You see, my mother gifted me with this. -->

With the admonition that I get lots of practice with it so I could make some seriously yummy sandwiches when next they were here.

I had already been experimenting with paninis using a large skillet, smaller pan to fit inside the skillet, and a weight to get it all squshified. But this thing? It's fabulous.

Crispy, yummy, gooey, deliciousness.

Last weekend it was Grilled Vegetable Paninis with Onion Cheese and Fresh Mozzerella, Basil, and Tomato Paninis both on a wonderful focaccia bread. I have made Ruben Paninis. Roast Beef and Cheddar paninis, Smoked Turkey and Gouda paninis, and I have yet to even try any of the recipes that came with the thing!

Where am I going with this post? I have no idea. Maybe it is because I am hosting the Carnival of the Recipes this week! Maybe I am still chasing away the nightmares from last night. Maybe I am just overly focused on "What's for lunch?"*

No clue. But I will simply say that I haven't been as thrilled with a kitchen appliance in years. But I am weird that way.

*Lunch today will be a Smoked Ham, Cheddar and Tomato panini. On focaccia bread. I'll even share! ; )