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Monday, July 24, 2006

It is finished.

The long battle is over and my world dawned a bit dimmer - though I was unaware at the time...

My beloved Uncle Ben died last night after fighting longer and harder than any of us could have ever imagined to hold on to each day. He was a kind and gentle man, and a good friend to me my entire life. I feel blessed to have known him.

I got the news just before I left for work this morning - somehow I had slept through the phone call from my Dad last night. Ben is at peace. He can finally rest. And it is time for the rest of us to find a new normal.

I thought about Ben as I watched the sunrise and drove to work. I thought about our relationship. How well he knew me, and how he could always make me laugh. How safe and loved and beautiful he always made me feel.

How when I was a teen filled with angst, chafing under my relationship with my Father he gave me a tremendous gift. He gave me a door.

"I'm Switzerland." He would say. "If you ever need to, you can always come and stay here with me. I won't tell anyone, and we will get everything figured out. You can always stay with me."
It was such a gift to know I had an out - even if I never used it.

So as I got to work and put on my game face, I checked out the job I was going to be inspecting today. It was a job that hadn't run in a very long time. (And one I had never seen before.) Strange packing instructions. Lots of defects to be on the lookout for. "Good," I thought. "I'll be too busy to do much thinking."

Then I looked at the shipping destination.


Uncle Ben is okay. He is Switzerland, after all. I am going to miss him so much....

He was never one to sit for a picture but I did convince him to pose with the girls during a visit three years ago. This will be how I remember him... Always....

God speed Uncle Ben. I love you very much....

Update: My cousin's partner Deb also wrote a lovely tribute to Ben... Well said, Deb. Well said.