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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

You ever write a comment so long...

That you decide it should just be a post??

Freddie over at Warts and All had a post concerning the fact that at her daughter's daycare, they are "teaching" the idea that guns are bad. No.... beyond bad. That guns are scary, evil, bad, and should not be so much as be thought about. Even pictures of guns should strike fear in all children's hearts.

Bleh. I hate when schools (or daycare) out of the goodness in their little Nanny State hearts, decide to indoctrinate kids with their own f-ed up, watered down, glitter covered view of the world. And good, bad, or indifferent, as her daughter gets older, the list of things that she will get taught are "bad" will grow. Some in a good way. Like...
"snorting coke while driving 85mph and blowing your boyfriend is a bad thing to do..."
Oh wait, the schools don't "teach" that. I do. The schools just cover *everything* with "Just say NO. Don't do drugs." Yeah, and then a lucky parent gets to have a 3 hour discussion about how taking tylenol when you are sick is a different thing than taking "drugs." (And this conversation usually happens at 2am with a feverish child.) Lovely.

Not to mention the touchy feely b.s. that gets handed out. By the shovelful. Everything is about esteem and feelings anymore. Eve.ry.thing. Every kid get a medal. Every kid gets a certificate. Every kid gets a sticker, a ribbon, a prize. And nobody gets singled out or feels truly accomplished or God forbid, "special."

For example, I am supposed to send my eldest daughter a "love letter" to school to help boost her self esteem. What the heck this is about, I have no idea... Or as my hubby asked, "Is there a problem she is having? What's up with that??"

No, no problem. This is just the "guidance" counselor's pet project. woo-hoo.

Does she have low self esteem, you ask? Hell, no! She's fine. She knows how proud we are of her and how much we love her because we tell her every day. Duh... That's what parents (should) do. I do not like it when school starts trying to step into my shoes. Frankly, it squishes my toes and pisses me off.

A love letter. On their "special" stationery. Sent to school.
"Oh, but we will be keeping them absolutely private unless your child _______ wants to share...."
What a total load of shit.* Have I sent mine in yet? Well no. Because I think it's crap. But the guidance counselor saw me in the hall yesterday and with flapping arms, guilt tripped me in to saying I would get it sent in. (What is it with guidance counselors, anyway. Did I *ask* for any guidance?? Did either of my kids?? No??? Then what the hell good is she?)

Anyway, I'm off to write a letter. But maybe I should take a happy pill or do some deep breathing or something first... My attitude sucks right now....

*I do not begrudge having to write K. a love letter. I have written both girls letters in the past... I just do not like being told to do it, or how it will potentially negatively affect K. if I don't. That's crap.