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Friday, May 19, 2006

More word fun for Friday...

Last Brain Bender of the week. TGIF y'all....


Which of the words below is least like the others??



This one is easy schmeasy - so I have a feeling it's a first come first serve. Bonus points for creative sentences if you feel so inclined. : ) And like always, answer to follow in the comments later.

Half a Step from the greenhouse, Mom saw that little Jimmy had stuffed straw in all of her pots.

Update: The official and speedy smartypants today is Rachel from Pereiraville. Whoohoo!
George! Why is half of your step-mom burried in the straw beside those pots?!
And Bonus Points to the debonair Ellison for this sentence:
Mom took the step of emptying the soup pots by sucking half of the contents out through a straw, getting blue in the face, and then dumping the remainder into the sink in frustration.
Thanks for playing, everybody!

Update 2: And Sticks chimed in with this doozy....
The half-crazed Step-Mom stirred the pot of boiling children when the last straw finally snapped.