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Thursday, April 20, 2006

What's going to happen next???

So for yesterday's Brain Bender, I suggested that we see what happens to Meg along her way to the train station... Poor Meg had a flat tire on her bike and had to hoof it. Since we now know that Meg is going to miss the train by at least three minutes:

"The train will be here in twelve minutes!" Meg started to panic. "And it takes me fifteen minutes to walk a mile!"

Guess she'll have to freakin' jog . . .
Rich Blank
I'm curious to see what happens next...

To sum things up:

"Shit!" Meg shouted, seeing her flat tire for the first time. "Oh now, that's just perfect!"

Fuming, Meg started walking toward the station knowing that today of ALL days it was most important she make it into the city. Preferably, on time. And alone... (R)

But as Meg was walking along the sidewalk and paused to look at her reflection in a store window, she saw a darling little purse...and shoes to match! Looking at her watch she wondered if there were any seconds to spare...>(Judy)

Just then, Meg was startled to see her boyfriend enter the Pub across the street accompanied by two large men. Not that seeing him going into a pub was unusual, but the way he was moving he looked as if he had no choice. "Shit." she said again. Now she would have to make a decision. Keep trying to make it to the train station, or see what was going on (if anything) at the Pub. (R)

Meg glanced again at her watch and was super pissed that her alcoholic boyfriend was at the pub - drinking, no doubt - at eight a.m.
"That bastard!" Meg thought to herself. "He told me he wouldn't drink before noon."
Still pining after those cute shoes and purse, Meg turned to cross the street toward the pub... (Rachel)

Stopping in front of the smoked glass window, Meg peeked into the Molly Brown. Still fairly empty (hell it was 8:30am on a Wednesday!) she could see her boyfriend deep in conversation with the two men that had escorted him in.

Glancing at her watch (8 minutes to go!), she thought, "Oh to hell with him. He's a big boy. He can take care of himself!" And once again started off toward the station.
She had business to attend to. In the city.... (R)

Meanwhile...back at the pub.... (Rave)


So okay, you get the idea. What happens next? The story will continue in the comments... (I'm curious as hell to see how it goes!)