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Friday, March 10, 2006

Friday's Brain Bender

Lot's to do around here before we get our "socks hopped" tonight so how about a twofer brain bender wise?


Change two letters in the name of a magazine on comestibles to find a description of what we would all like to be.


Replace the first letter of each of the words on each line to form two new words. (The letter will be different for each line.) Place the new letter on the line between the words. The four letters will form a new word. What is it?

Balm __ Thin

Aver __ Elder

Band __ Goose

Camp __ Late


Okay, as always answers to be found later in the comments!

Update: Today's most creative winner is Rachel from Pereiraville! She came up with much more creative answers to the magazine question... Such as: Cooking = Smoking as in, I want to be a smoking hot babe! and Food & Wine = Nood & Fine. Ha! Take that MENSA -- those answers kick the crap outta "Food & Wine --> Good & Wise." I'll take Nood & Fine any day!

Thanks for playin' everybody!