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Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Oh, I mean... Four!

I have been tagged once again with the meme of four. Ben of The Path Less Traveled is the tagger and I am (once again) the taggee so here we go! (Previous answers to this meme here and here).

Four (more) jobs I have held (I am running out...):
  • Grill cook (I flipped burgers for a summer when I was 15 -- and I was a vegetarian until I was 20)
  • Party Planner (okay, this is mostly unofficial, but I have coordinated/organized (and helped to cater) 6 weddings. Three I actually got paid for (paid under the table, but paid none the less).
  • Look, I'm a Mom. That covers about every job on the planet I think...

Four (more) Movies I could watch over and over again:

Four (more) places I have lived (definitely have to consult my other two answers here...)

  • Belgrade, Montana. Really, really good steak can be had there at the Mint Bar. I'm talking fab-u-lous!
  • Great Falls, Montana. We were only there for four months but it was nice....
  • Oklahoma City. I have never been so lost in my life as I was when we lived there. No mountains anywhere for me to use as reference points. Hubby's family still teases me...
  • Madison, Wisconsin. So okay, this is a stretch as we were in temporary housing for three weeks. But I got mail there, so it counts...
Four T.V. shows I love refuse to watch... (I have listed the ones I love...)

  • Wife Swap -- I think it's yucky.
  • Jerry Springer or any of those types of talk shows. Eeeewwww.
  • Flavor of Love "starring" Flava Flave. Again, Eeeewww.
  • Judge *Anything*. Brown, Judy, Wapner.... whatever. No.

Four places I have would like to vacation:

  • Mazatlan, Mexico
  • Madrid, Spain
  • Jamaica
  • Aruba

Four (more) websites I visit daily (now this category I won't run out of contenders...)

Four (more) favorite foods: Again, not going to run out of entries here....

  • Biscuits and sausage gravy. Mmmmmm...
  • Ham and my homemade Cheddar Scalloped Potatoes
  • Eggs Benedict (Made with the "old family recipe" hollandaise sauce). I think I have my next carnival entry there...
  • Chimichangas -- yum!

Four friends/bloggers to tag... as much as I love to play along? No can do. And I am pretty sure that that's okay... :)