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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

So Whatcha Wearin'?

Egads! I just noticed that my weather pixie is in a bikini! I know that it is hot here today but c'mon! Where is her sense of propriety?? This isn't a pool-side bar, you know......

Now it is possible that I am projecting a little too much of myself into my weather pixie since the first thing I thought when I saw her was "That's just not right.... My bikini days are over. O.V.E.R." So okay, obviously it's time for some perspective on my part. Aside from both of us being blond and liking dogs we have nothing in common -- 'specially 'cuz I am alive and stuff and she is a cartoon. And she is workin' that bikini......... (And just for the record, I am not the only one who has been startled by her weather pixie's choice of attire).

In somewhat related (well, not really) news, we went school clothes shopping and ran some errands today. Apparently, I did not get the memo that it was "Wear Your Least Appropriate Outfit to go Out Shopping Day...." But a BIG percentage of the population *did* get the memo! I'm telling you, from Wal-Mart to the mall to the grocery store there were lots of folks in all shapes and sizes vying for first prize in this contest! So me being me, and wanting to be helpful, I thought I could award some prizes! (I didn't see the prize mobile anywhere in sight and some of these folks worked at winning really hard....) So here we go!

***Honorable Mention goes to: ***
Blue and White "I coordinated everything with my shoes" Guy!
Now you are probably thinking, "Jeez Rich, he matched and everything! What's the problem with that?" Yeah?? I got 3 words for you.... White Bike Shorts. Combine that with a too small blue tank top and medium sized beer belly. And because of the deliberate color combination blue and white Nikes, white bike shorts, too small blue tank top, blue and white ball cap -- you could tell this guy was trying!I can attest to the fact that he was definitely a contender in this little contest....

***Second Runner Up goes to: ***
"Help, I've keep falling out of my clothes and I can't keep them up!"
Canary Yellow Tube Top super Low Riding Velour Capri Girl!
Now this little vixen was also wearing 3 inch wedge flip flops that were *not* helping. She jiggled and jaggled and came very, very close to losing it all several times. She needed like six hands just to keep up with her own self! And we were only walking in her proximity for about 200 yards -- I imagine she will be exhausted tonight and have no idea why or that she had worked so hard today...... (and a word of advice just in case she comes across this description and recognizes herself -- Honey, get some undergarments *any* undergarments will do! Safety pins too if you can!) And for those wondering about the color of the capris?? Kelly Green. Naturally.

***And First Prize goes to: (drum roll please.........) ***
"Ta Tas for everyone!!!"
I've Cut off my (too big)Tee-shirt Sleeves and Neglected to Wear a Bra Woman! Now, before any guys start thinking "Yay -- free ta ta viewing" Keep in mind that this nice lady was 60 something, like 5'6", and 220. Easily. And wearing really tight cut off shorts. (Not quite Daisy Dukes -- More like Grandma Dorthy Duke's). Now, being a chubby girl I have no problem with others who share in the chubbyness but please -- could you wear a bra? Or something? I know it's hot here today but c'mon! She was in front of us checking out at the grocery store and the girls were agog. So was the bag boy, for that matter........
And before I forget -- Her prize!

Now she has one!