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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

School Daze

...awwww! Do I have to?

Man, I feel like I am being led off to the lion's den!

One of the tasks I *do not* enjoy is shopping. Shopping with the girls in tow is even less fun! But school is around the corner and shop we must. Today we are off to the Mart of Wal and (God help me) the MALL. Ugh! I have just never been a big fan of "going to the Mall" but when both Sears and Kohl's are having good sales.... Well, what are you gonna do?

The girls are, of course, completely psyched. Good or Bad they have developed opinions about what the do and do not like to wear so gone are the days that I could just go shop for them by myself and they would be happy with my choices. *sigh* I think that their "growing up" is going to be as hard for me as it is for them. [Gee, ya think? e.d.] Well, duh.

So we are off -- I hope the gods of retail are kind to us!