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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Sick Kids

'Cuz there just wasn't *enough* to do...........

Both girls have been home from School the past 2 days. A, the youngest, had a stomach bug and spent a lot of yesterday screaming "MOMMY!!!" And running to the bathroom. The only up side to the situation is that she made it every time. (Thank God). K has a cold. Fever and a cough that sounds like we have been keeping her caged in a coal mine all winter. I have a feeling that she will be home again tomorrow -- so much for *my* plans (such as they were) and reason number 14,895 why I can't get a "real" job. Who would care for the girls when they were sick?

Lovely day here today too -- I was going to go get some hostas and finish planting the front flower beds that hubby and I have worked so hard to re-do. And I know hostas aren't flowers so to speak but they're cheap, they grow here like CRAZY, they will come back every year and I am horticulturally challenged. Severely challenged. Like plant plague. But I am trying to reform. :-) So no trips to the greenery or Wal-mart for me. *sigh*

Oh well, there is always the weekend.................