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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Bad Mom


And who is the bad mom you ask? Why that would be ME! Oh crap! We have been saving cardboard tubes for MONTHS For the marble roll project thing for K's class and I hung the sack-o-tubes on the door so we wouldn't forget to take them to school. So Monday, of course, we forgot. No biggie I think, we have 'till Wednesday to take the tubes in.

Fast forward to about an hour ago. I am sitting down for a quick sandwich pleased for having survived a Woodman's run and getting the dishes done when I suddenly remember it's WEDNESDAY -- TUBES ARE DUE!!! So I go to the door -- no sack-o-tubes. **sinking feeling in stomach** Oh crap, go look in the garage-- nothing. Call Hubby about missing tubes........ *sigh* He saw them hanging on the door Tuesday morning and ran them out to recycling "for me". Awwwwww CRAP!! I could just cry. Over stupid cardboard tubes. How dumb is that. Sheesh! Bad Mom. Bad Mom!

Surely Kendall won't be scarred for life over the lack of tubes, right? Crap. I hate when I drop the ball................