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Monday, June 09, 2008

That's EXACTLY it!!

You know, I thoroughly enjoy James Lileks.

Love his books.

Look forward to The Bleat daily. is totally fun.

And today he described what has been the state of my my mood for some time...
Woke Sunday morning with the heavy hand of Monday pressing down – felt the Sunday night deadlines approach, and I resented the hell out of it. I like what I do, but there are rotating fortnights in which the amount of Stuff required exceeds the reservoir of enthusiasm. Yes, I know: welcome to adulthood, enjoy your stay.

Nailed it.

Anybody else remember when you thought being an adult meant choosing your own bedtime and eating ice cream whenever you wanted to??

Yeah. Me too...

Needless to say, I am busy as hell this week. As I just wrote to a friend in an email: "between the end of school stuff (now over - yay!), Pop's diagnosis, more new clients, family phone calls, church obligations (priest just called to make sure I am on top of things), getting the girls ready to go to Maine, and the grad party I am catering on Saturday (130 people) I am surprised I know my own name."

That's basically it. Welcome to adulthood, enjoy your stay.