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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

10 Degrees Forward...

.... 22 Degrees Back. (Alternate title - Where the hell is *my* Global Warming, huh??)


This is getting silly now. You see, yesterday I spent a good part of my day puttering on the patio. It was sunny, it was over eighty degrees, and it was time.

Time to plant some flowers. Time to figure out where in the heck I was going to put my solar fountain (since I didn't have the "perfect spot" like I did at the old house). -->

Time to make the place not just habitable but welcoming. And have things look like they were there for a reason - not just shoved out the door.

It was TIME! And look!!

Fast forward to today where the expected HIGH is 58 degrees. 58! Sheesh!

Somehow it's just not as much fun shivering on the patio, drinking hot cocoa to fight off the chill when it is dang near June. I may have to go for it anyway.... My flowers are pretty and the fountain is burbling happily.

I speak burble, don't cha know...