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Thursday, April 24, 2008

If it were 1978...

...she'd be picking up body parts right now.** Good grief.

And check out the anchors on this thing!

Sumbitch - why she would think that hanging on a towel bar was a good idea is beyond me. We have had a long discussion about the purpose of a TOWEL BAR. As in, how they are equipped to hang TOWELS on - not kids.

Someday a future landlord owes me one - I think she will not be pulling this stunt again. One can hope, anyway...

And yet again, another reason why it seems like a good idea for your kids to leave home at 18. Shit.

**For the record, while not picking up body parts (which is (and was) not the *best way to discipline - IMO.) She has lost her TV privileges for the week and is grounded to her room tonight and after school tomorrow. It's a thing called consequences for your actions.

When she wailed - "But what will I do, Mom???" I replied. "You can read. You DO know how."

Meanwhile, I will be doing unexpected home repair. Shit.

Oh - and I ended up with a BIG HONKING MIGRAINE today. Goody... That makes it all soooooo much better. Not.