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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Just bits...

...of what is going on today.

**I think our round of super warm weather is going to come to an end this afternoon - and we are going to get some thunderstorms out of the deal. Neat! (not) And it's Tornado Recognition Day - because we need to recognize that there are tornadoes. Not that the destruction they create speaks for its self or anything... *sigh* Gotta love the Nanny State BS.

**I am making Pumpkin Custard to take to Computa's class today for no good reason. Well okay, that's not entirely true. It's so she gets some extra credit on her State Report - Illinois. Now, why she gets extra credit if *I* make pumpkin custard is beyond me, but whatever... The recipe was in the book - I'll make the dang custard. (But I did come this ] [ close to just picking up a pumpkin pie at Sam's Club yesterday and calling it good. I did...)

**I am thinking about growing my hair long again. You may recall when I cut it short a couple of years ago, sending 12 inches to Locks of Love. Well, I am getting kind of tired of the short do - I'd like to have the option of putting up in a twist if I feel so inclined. Or have a ponytail if it's windy... Anybody know if it costs more to have long hair highlighted?? That might be a factor.

**It looks like I will be making a trip south to help the Feisty Ms. Christina put up a sh*t load of tomatoes later this summer. But I know a good time will be had. We could do just about dang anything and have fun. And this trip I get to meet Christina's Feisty Mama. I cannot wait!

**And hey - has anyone really ever gotten a $500 gift card from one of those emails that say, "We have a $500 Best Buy gift card for you! Click this link for details!!" Do people really fall for stupid crap like that?? Good grief...

Okay I'm off. The custard is almost done cooking and I have to get ready to roll. If it's worth a dang, I'll post the recipe later! Happy Thursday!