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Monday, June 18, 2007

Opening up a can of whoopass...

Sporta got mugged today at summer school.

Okay, not "mugged" in the "I'm gonna call the cops and file a report" sense. But more like she got shaken down by an intimidating older boy and his friends for her juice money.

Pisses me off, none the less.

When asked if she had told a teacher, she reported that the "gang" of boys told her she'd "better keep her smart mouth shut - or else." They took some other little kid's money as well and then walked away jostling each other and laughing. She said they were there for the Wrestling program. Lovely.

Like I said - she felt intimidated.

I, on the other hand, DO NOT.

So, my plan is to surreptitiously follow Sporta to school tomorrow, and see if she can indicate which one of these little f*ckers and his friends thinks it's cool to bully little girls.

Dipshits have no idea who they are dealing with....

After I find out his name, I will be talking to both his parents and his coach. I feel pretty certain that one of those adult entities should be able drive home the idea that this in unacceptable behavior.

Or I will. I can by God promise you that.