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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

6 Weird Things (a meme)

Ages ago, my friend Roses at Ack Thbbbt tagged me with this meme and I never got around to it... (Sorry Roses!)

Then the other day, another friend Freddie over and Warts and All tagged me with the same meme, so I guess it's time to pony up some of my weirdness.

Oh! And just in case this seems like deja vu, I was tagged with this same meme about a year ago and I am reposting my first five weird habits.

Hey, I tried to come up with all new weirdness but I guess I am just not *that* weird. (Though I am sure that others would disagree...)

Okay, let's bring on the weird!

1. I wave at cows.

If I am driving along and go past a field of cows doing what cows do (grazing, standing around, laying down, whatever) I'll more likely than not wave at them. Don't know why. None have ever waved back. It just seems friendly, I guess.

2. I avoid dark uncovered windows.

Almost pathologically -- it is a great internal struggle just to get close enough to one to draw the curtains even though I *know* that it's no big deal. Scares the crap outta me because all I can think of is how terrible it would be if the psychokiller (that is surely right out side watching) came crashing through the window to get me. Paranoid? Me? Nah....

3. I talk to my dogs (and other pets too, I guess) conversationally all the time.

I even ask them questions and talk to them about their answers. A couple of years ago I walked into the house and started asking the doggies about how their day had been and what was going on only to turn the corner and see my father in law sitting on the couch looking at me like I was nuts. I 'spoze it's possible that I am, but hey! Taylor and Buddy like me!

4. I turn on (and leave on) lights in rooms that I have no plans to be in.

I hate walking into a darkened room, so when it starts getting dark I will go around and turn on a small light in most rooms of the house. Just in case. It used to drive my husband crazy (probably still does) as he was forever trailing behind me turning off lights which in turn irritated me since I had to turn the darn things back on again. We seem to have come to a truce (meaning he gave up and I got my way). What can I say? I like to be greeted with a warm happy glow.

5. I have a habit of making up words to better convey (at least in my mind) what I am meaning.

For example: CrapapottamusRex! or Schmugly or Grotokomous. Though I have discovered that I am not alone in this. Lileks created "craptacular" which I love and Og the Neanderpundit gave us verfuckled. Another word that rolls off the tongue nicely. Sometimes you just need a new word....

6. I put ketchup on my tacos.

There - my shameful secret is out for the world to see. So sue me! They taste better that way! And that's why I love eating at Taco John's when we have tacos. See, they serve potato oles and therefore have ketchup right in the store for me. Delish!

Welcome to my weirdness!

I am not going to tag anyone, so rest easy. And consider making a craptacular taco better with ketchup!!