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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Well, that's another 2 hours I'll never get back...

Yesterday, Hubby and I watched The Weather Man starring Nicholas Cage. You know, I thought it might be kinda cute considering the fact that Hubby is a Meteorologist by degree and was doing the weather on TV when we met. (Whoohoo! KCTZ channel 7!)

But The Weather Man? Totally a crap movie. I mean crap as in not good. And I mean NOT GOOD as in don't even freeking bother. Ugh.

I am still trying to figure out what the whole point was... His life was screwed up? He was completely incompetent as a parent/spouse/son (except when he wasn't)?? The word f*ck should be used as often as possible when dealing with everything from your ex-wife's boyfriend to getting a cup of coffee?? Archery after an ice storm is cool?? SpongeBob can be an epiphany?? What??

All I can say is that the movie was pointless and a downer. Again, don't bother.

On Saturday night we had the joyous experience (not!) of watching Open Water. Oh, holy Mother of crap. Heavy emphasis on the crap part.

You know, as the movie starts out, the banter between husband and wife (all alone in the middle of the ocean drifting through shark infested waters) was kinda fun, in a "Good grief, what a horrible situation" kind of way... Hubby and I kept remarking how we would be snarking at each other in a similar manner.

But last half hour to the end?? Gimme a break! You guys are just going to give up?? You were in the water for only one night! And they were headed out to look for you fergoddsakes! I mean I know it seems hopeless and scary but you don't just quit! Arrrrgghhhhh. Frustrating.

So obviously, we are no good at picking movies this week. Have a suggestion? We could use the help...