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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Somebody read my forehead, quick!!

Does it say A T M in big letters?? No? You sure??

We just got home after three (count them) three hours at the roller rink. Eldest had a birthday party to attend and youngest went along just to skate.

I swear, except for the time I spent out in the parking lot on the phone with Oddybobo*, I was asked every 8 minutes for money, and not just by MY kids. Oh no... by all of the kids at the birthday party!

What the hell is that about?? They would come up to me, little hands outstretched... "Um, Mrs. D?? Could we have a quarter?? Please?? Maybe two???"

And then with my girls fronting for them... "Mommy? We are going to need at least two dollars. Really, Mommy! We neeeeeeeed it!"

How many times can you say "No" (and it almost became "Hell, no!") to their earnest little faces?? Lemme tell you.... A bunch. Holy crap. All I wanted to do was have some "no housework starting me in the face" time to read my book. Is that so much to ask?? I guess so.

Ah well, at least now I get to have fun dealing with them as they come off of their sugary roller skating high. And it's a school night. And there is homework ("I forgot, Mom! Honest!!") to do. And dinner to prepare.

Where did my weekend go? And does anybody know how to get "Who Let The Dogs Out" outta my head?? Anybody??

*It sounds like Oddy had an awesome time in Austin. I soooo can't wait to meet her! (And a bunch of other folks as well...)