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Friday, February 03, 2006

More fun for Friday

Lots of running around to do today so the brain bender is getting posted a little early. Funny, I have been "back to work" for about a minute and a half and already family life feels about 1000% more scattered than it used to!

So today, I am going to try and get a much better grip on things. (And a much bigger calendar for scheduling....) Advice is welcome, if you have any...

Anyhoo, here is today's brain bender.....

Puzzling Prices

The corner grocery store prices its food according to the owner's formula. An apple costs $0.41, squash costs $0.48, and zucchini* costs $0.65. According to this system, how much will a tomato cost?


Okay, as always the answer will follow in the comments and the winner will be announced later!

*Naturally in my world, zucchini is always free.....

Update: Today's Smartypants award goes to Bigdocmcd!! (Consonants are worth $.07 and vowels are $.10 so a tomato costs $.51!) Happy Friday!