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Monday, November 14, 2005

Great Weekend

Had a great weekend. Sadly, Hubby worked really long hours (new job + retail environment + OMG Christmas!!!! = long hours and no days off). But, ya know, given the alternative -- that's okay. We'll see him in 2006.

I had a girlfriend come to visit for the weekend from St. Louis -- we had a fabulous time. Nothing like a good friend and a weekend filled with yummy lunches and movies and wine and cheesecake to recharge your battery. Nothing. And I got to celebrate getting older! (I think she came just to see me go first). Some folks complain about birthdays but the way I see it again, given the alternative (aka *not* getting older) I'll take one more year every time! I have stuff to do yet!

Her arrival marked the very last of the warm weather we will see 'till Spring though, and today it's cold. Officially cold -- like in the twenties this morning. And come Wednesday we are supposed to get some snow. Yikes! Nothing like getting a firm shake out of complacency! So I need to get busy and get all of the winter gear out and ready for action. We have had a lovely long fall and I know it's time for snowpants and boots and the like but still, I always want to hang on until the very last minute.
**Ding! Times up.**
The good news is that the biting wind that swept through did a great job of removing the last leaves from the trees -- so we can get that squared away before the snow flies.

It just cracks me up that Mother Nature sometimes dictates my chore list. (And boy is she feelin' b*tchy this week....) Oh well. Time to get to work I guess....