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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Veteran's Day... tomorrow.

But today marks the 230th birthday or the USMC! Happy Birthday Marines!

The fund raising drive for Project Valour IT (Voice Activated Laptops for OUR Injured Troops) is still going on and going strong and there is still time to donate before the end of the inter service competition tomorrow. Help out if you can:
Blackfive continues to lead the Army team, SMASH leads Navy, Greyhawk leads Airforce and Soldiers' Angel Holly Aho leads the Marines.

I still can think of no better way to honor our Veterans.
(The Navy team and Army have both reached their goals or $21,000 but are still scrambling for bragging rights -- Airforce and Marines are on their way.) Whoohoo!

And here is a great Veteran's Day post. Appropriately written by Captain B at One Marine's View. As he writes:
Across the full spectrum of operations, Marines create stability in an unstable world. We continue to do so as Operation Steel Curtain excels with success here in Iraq, especially on our Birthday!