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Friday, October 07, 2005


The news is doing nothing for me today...
(blah blah blah Miers, blah blah blah Katie Holmes and Jessica Simpson [who cares?] blah blah blah terrorist threat [well, duh...], blah blah blah high gas prices [again, duh...] blah blah blah.....)
...and it is a brisk forty something degrees out and cloudy so I am going to cook today.

A big pot of homemade Chicken Soup, Chicken Enchiladas, and I think I will do some baking -- I want to make this Herbed bread that has been sounding good. If nothing else I will be happily distracted, while filling my house with good smells (while I fill the freezer too). Always a good thing.

It's Homecoming here today and hubby had promised the girls that he would take them to the game -- what could be better than a nice bowl of chicken soup before (and possibly after) that?

So that's what I will be doing. What's on your agenda for today?