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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Another Mom to the rescue!!

And all I can say is thank God she saved me. I was seriously in over my head...

Why, you ask??

Sporta and I were shopping for cleats. Ok - that's not exactly it, because I would never willingly shop for cleats with Sporta on my own accord. WxMan has certain jobs around here - spider killing, lawn mowing, and most things sports related (equipment wise) for the girls. Generally that means cleats.

And shopping for any kind of shoe with Sporta is the bane of my existence. Seriously. It is excruciating and tedious. She's like Goldilocks on steroids when it comes to shoes. This one's too this... That one's too that... and it's endless. And Gof forbid *I* make a suggestion - I can collapse a whole genre of shoes because I made mention of them! Looks always play a part, but comfort is in the mix too. And she is picky. Picky picky picky picky... This, of course will serve her well as a grown-up! Any shoes she gets will be shoes she really likes. But to go shopping with her?? Oh my God, it's awful...

So anyway, WxMan had taken her to get cleats this morning. They made it through the decision making progress in a record 45 minutes! Woot! And got out for $25.00! Double woot! And I didn't have to go!! Triple... Well I am sure you get it by now.

Flash forward to just a couple hours later - WxMan is at work and Sporta is showing her buddies her neato bajito brand new cleats during which I hear a distressed call... "Mom?? Moooooom???? Come here quick!!"

Oh great - now what.

"Mom!! They say my cleats are illegal!! I won't even be able to practice tonight with them!!"

(In our defense, we just found out about this whole gig last Wednesday and got her signed up. the coach was thrilled as one team in the league really really needed another player.)

So I queried the little buggers, sent WxMan a text, and determined that odds were pretty good that they were about as illegal as they get. Shit. Do we have time to go return them? Yes. Great. I am so thrilled. Not.

Because I knew what was going to happen...

Just like with all shoe shopping experiences I have had with Sporta, she would fight me every.step.of.the.way. Wanting this - not wanting that and never ever agreeing to my suggestion of the basic normal "sure to be legal" plainish black cleats that would surely be in the mix. It's just how it is with her...

And as I mentally predicted it - sure enough... We got to the sporting goods store, she led me to the "cleats" section, and the fight was on! She picked out (after much discussion) the most freeking complicated looking cleats EVER. Declared that as you could "see no metal" they MUST be legal. Holy crap - I don't think she would be able to walk in the damn things, let alone run in them. I mean I get it and all... They really did look pretty bad ass - but she's a beginner fer gottsake! She's only been playing in neighborhood games!! I could see her digging in and though the "let's just get outta here" vibe was hitting me hard, I decided to call in reinforcements if I could.

So, there was another mom at the end of the isle who obviously had this whole "cleats" thing down to a science. I needed an expert - bad... Really bad. So I approached her and just asked if she knew about the ins and outs of the legality of these particular cleats?? Because as I told her, "I have absolutely no clue what I am doing and it is patently obvious that you do!!"

OMG - the woman was an absolute doll... in about 5 minutes she explained the whole "which cleats are legal" thing to me and advised Sporta to go with the much more sedate (plain black) cleats that I had suggested. Because those mac daddy cleats that she had picked out would most likely hurt her feet and make the games and practices not very fun. And Sporta??

She listened.

Holy crap.

We left with the slightly more expensive plain black cleats - and Sporta is thrilled with them. I should bake that other mom a cake, but I didn't get her name and that would be a little stalker creepy anyway. I did tell her thank you though! Big time...

So Sporta's got her cleats and she's all ready to start practice tonight. Wanna see what sport she chose?? Check it out...
Badass. I should probably get a blindfold, eh? This isn't flag football after all. Wait until you see her in her pads. Holy crap.

Oh and the wristband?? She got that at Disney Land. She got it because she thought it was really pretty and she wears it all the time... **sigh** I don't have the heart to tell her that it can be perceived another way. Sheesh.