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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

And so it goes...

So - remember the "perfect" new job I just landed?? Yeah - perfect on paper or in abstract thinking only... Yeesh.

And you know what? I only have to have my ass handed to me so many times before I figure it out. Fortunately, I had an ace tucked away. You know that whole "you can be terminated within 30 days of being hired without any reason" policy (that most companies make you sign off on before hiring) - well in my book, that is a two way street. So after another horrible day (day 3.2 for the record) I had made up my mind.

Life is too short, and I do not need this BS - I thought it all through, and called Chef yesterday morning and quit. Today I will return my key cards, badge, and uniform...

And now Ms. Molly is going to interpret how I feel about that...

I feel gottdamn FINE about it.

In other news... Well there really isn't any other news. All is well, my good friend Steph is here from St. Louis - we enjoyed the hell out of the Oscars (as we do every year) and are just having some good "girlfriend" time.

Steaks have been pulled out for dinner. I have a fire going. And I am sure we will come up with something yummy to have for lunch and maybe watch a movie today... Not bad for a Tuesday!

And the fact that I will *not* be getting my ass handed to me anymore?? That's just a bonus in my book... A BIG bonus.