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Saturday, March 22, 2008

In Country

And while we were not long ago here...

Fino's Ambergris Caye (pronounced Ambergee Kee) Belize
We are in the process of traveling home.

And what do I have to look forward to?

Oh goody.

Well, such is life.

As for today, we are trying to get Computa healed up for travel. Yesterday she started a temperature while we waited to get on our flight out of Belize and is currently battling a 104 degree temp among other things. Poor thing.

And to think, I thought all we brought home were tee-shirts!

:: ba-dum-dum ::

I know - not funny... But I have to try.

Anyhoo, I have tons of pictures to post and stories to share. We had the most wonderful time and saw incredible things. Good friends, fresh seafood, rum punch, amazing history, and I didn't fall down or throw up once! That's a pretty successful vacation if you ask me!!

Regular blogging will resume - well - whenever... We have to start thinking about getting on the road...

At any rate, play nice and have a Happy Easter!! I will be around soon...

Update: As you may imagine, the Feisty Ms. Christina has an awesome post up with pictures for days - check it out!!