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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hey! What the heck is that SMELL???


Well, around here these days invariably it's emanating from this deceptively sweet looking puppy.

You know, when you adopt dogs from shelters you never really know the entire background of the animal. You can guess at parentage, how big they might get, age, experience, but you never really KNOW. And let's face it - they're not talking... But I feel absolutely confident that Little Miss Molly is a direct descendant of this famous canine...
She farts when she's happy to see you!

She farts when she is relaxed.

She farts when startled.

When feeling playful.

When asleep.





And especially while laying at your feet.


Good God almighty - I had no idea such a sweet little doggie mushy mushy boo face could be so full of noxious fumes! Would a cork be a bad idea?

Yeah - I think so too... But don't think it hasn't crossed my mind. More than a few times. In the last hour...

Maybe I should just invest in nose plugs. You think??