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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

School Daze...

Christmas vacation is right around the corner. And to be honest, I think we could *all* use a break from school. The "Tween" years are an interesting animal. (And not a fun playful animal either. More of a moody, sharp clawed, sharper tongued, sarcastic, shrieky animal...)

Daily the girls come home with tales of angst and betrayal. Of friendships won, lost and ignored. And then there's homework. Oh joy...

You know?? I didn't enjoy 4th grade... 5th either. 6th, 7th, 8th?? Not so much....

High School?? Gimmee a break - I would rather be on fire than go through those years again.


But with Sporta and Computa, I am destined to relive *all* of those "Wonder Years."


The rumors.

The girl drama.

The Oooooohhhh you *like* HIM?? - I'm gonna tell!! Or - Ohhhhh.... you *don't* like him?? You're GAY!!

All of that B.S.

One would think that they would have come up with some new material by now...

What *I* remember (least favorably)...
  • Denying "new" clothes - because God forbid, you got something "new" that the popular girls didn't have... "Oh no, I have had this for months!"
  • The behind the back friendships - drama - and what not - girls are MEAN!!
  • Teachers and homework... Gah...
  • Having nobody in your "posse" to hang out with at lunch and/or at recess because you screwed up (somehow) and nobody will tell you what's what or how to make things right. Oh the dreaded recess...
  • Not having the *right* clothes/brands/accessories.
  • Being into something dubbed "weird" by the masses... ("I like to read! Oh - that's not cool then?? Shit...")
  • You're too fat.
  • You're too thin!
  • You're too smart!
  • Dumbass!
  • Teacher's pet!
  • You said Ashley's cousin's brothers sister's friend had bad hair - you're not my friend anymore!
  • You looked at me funny - I don't like you!
  • People with blue eyes are not my friend this week...
  • I hate you.
And God forbid you are gangly and awkward, smart, artistic, or have a mouth full of orthodontics to talk around... It's grade/middle/high school and you're a girl and you're f*cked.

Here we go again...

But this time I am the MOM! The ever so powerful MOM!!

Can I tell them that everything will be okay??

Well, I can TRY. But my attempts fall on deaf, unreceptive ears. I am the "Mom" - I don't "get it".

Can I tell them that in 5 / 10 / 15 years, none of this will matter?? Even a little teeny bit??


Because I am the "Mom" - and I couldn't possibly understand or know what it is like...

Will I try to tell them anyway??


Because I remember the HELL that is going to school and not measuring up to what your peers/teachers/parents expect of you. And how freeking mean those peers can be. AND I know that being an adult is soooooooo much better. (With the exception of having to pay taxes.)

Damn though - I wish I could relieve them of all of the DRAMA and ANGST. Without having to relive it myself of course.

I had to grow up once - wasn't that enough???