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Friday, June 22, 2007

So, where are *you* going on summer vacation??

Me? My summer vaca will be spent moving... Moving out....Moving in.... Moving.

Other people have better vacation ideas...

For example, my good buddy AkshunJ is currently in Bejing, China!! Talk about the trip of a lifetime!! And he has put together a blog to document the trip!

So far, this is my favorite picture he has posted - probably because of the caption he wrote....

Her parents were DYING for us to take a picture with her. They don't get out much.

And he has tons of beautiful scenic photographs (especially those that feature the lovely Mrs. J) posted as well. Just follow the Picasa album link at the top of the right sidebar. Whoohoo!

So check it out - Think if it as a little mini vacation for a Friday. Oh man, what I would give...