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Monday, September 18, 2006


Not that that's unusual but still. And it's Monday. Bah.

So what else is there to do but waste time at work play?!?! Right. Here we go...


Replace the first letter of each of the words on each line in order to form two new words. (The letter will be different for each line.) The new letters will then form a new word. Can you find it?

Tone __ Face
Ire __ Ill
Name __ Handy
Plated __ Slope


Okay, I'm off and running. And as always, the answer will be found in the comments later.

Update: Today's official Smartypants is none other than my MOM! Whoohoo, Grandy!

This is a picture taken on her Birthday, a week ago Friday while she was on the phone with me and my SIL. Yay Mom!