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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Mind Trap

The discount MENSA calendar's Brain Bender was beyond lame-o today to I had to go to my backup source for questions. MindTrap. And I thought just for the hell of it (and to maximize time spent *not* working), we could do two. Anyhoo, ready?? Here we go...


Duncan Drivel was asked how many ducks he had. "Well," he said, "they just walked down that path and I didn't actually count them, but I remember one duck in front of two ducks, another duck behind two ducks and another duck between two ducks." How many ducks does Duncan have??

[Might I add that Duncan sounds nucking futs!]


Mrs. Goodbody has a box of socks in her closet containing 24 red socks and 24 green socks. since the closet is completely dark, that is the smallest number of socks she has to remove in order to be certain of getting two socks of different colors?

[Mr. Goodbody is currently chained up in the basement because he criticized his wife's bizarro sock collection. She's nucking futs too....]


Okay, you know how to play. Answers will be found later in the comments. Have fun!

Update: Today's official smartypants is Dash from The Boiling Point. Whoohoo! And thanks for playing y'all...