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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Harvey's one of the cool kids for sure!

And that means I might be too! Whoohoo!

I was notified today that I had been included in the Blogs with a Face collage. Since 1) I had never heard of "Blogs with a Face" and 2) they used the Bad Example Clan Member tartan as my image (WTF??) I was going to wait until they had replaced that image with one I emailed before I blogged about it.

But oh well, Harvey says it's cool and legit so it *must* be. Now if they could just have me paired with a more appropriate "One For The Road-ish" image....

I guess I could just be happy that they didn't choose this picture:

(Thanks Basil for giving me a new image for ArmyWifeToddlerMom's interview. It's nice to have some clothes on at your place for a change....) ; -)

Anyhoo, I too am on Blogs with a Face. And here is the image *I* submitted.... Better, don't you think?

Update: Well, that was fast... BWAF has my image updated and now Harvey's image is that of the BE Clan Tartan.

All is right with the world again. And as Harvey explains:
I'll be the Bad Example Clan banner. By special arrangement with the host, if you're a member of the Bad Example Clan, mention it when you send in your picture, and Thomsen (the brilliant and talented host of the site) will put you in my row (or somewhere to my right, at least, depending on your screen resolution).