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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day!!

I wish us all a very happy day filled with joy.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom! (aka Grandy)

Happy Mother's Day Patti! (aka GranPatti)

Happy Mother's Day, Loretta! (aka Grandma Loretta)

Happy Mother's Day, Grandma! (aka G.G.)

How did mother's day start out at my house? Oh. I am so glad you asked!

Eldest (K) : "Hey Mom?? Mooooommmm?!?! "

Me: "What!?!?"

K: "What's a tampon???"

Me: "Excuse me??"

K: "What's a tampon?? t - a - m - p - . . . "

Me: "Uh... Honey, I know how to spell it.... Why??"

K: "Well, they talk about them in that book you gave me.... "

Me: "The one you got for your birthday??" (in September??)

K: "Yeah. Did you know there were pictures too??"

Me: ::sigh:: "Can we wait and talk about this after we get home from church? Please?? Then I will answer any questions you have..."

K: "Sure! Okay... Thanks, Mom!"

Oh boy... And Youngest wants to know if I have a curling iron she can use. Oh boy...