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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Yesterday I missed it...

With all of blogger's problems yesterday, I totally forgot to post the brain bender. Since I am all about helping folks waste time at work keep those braincells percolating, today we'll have a twofer. Here we go!


1) Add an "R" to a word that means "wearing a particular piece of clothing" to find a word that means "criticized about details."

2) Add an "R" to the word for a measure to find a word for an embedded design.


Okay. Like always, answers to be found in the comments later. I'm off to drag portions of my house away from "going swamp."

Update: Kudos to the two smartypants sticker recipients! Rachel from Pereiraville correctly identified #2 with pint/print and Teresa from Technicalities came up with an alternative and acceptable answer for #1 - cap/carp! (The official answer was cape/carped but who the hell wears a cape these days, I ask you??) Whoohoo!