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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Double Tagged

I was tagged by this meme yesterday by Rachel of Pereiraville and had completely forgotten about it until I clicked over to Bad Example and saw that she had tagged Harvey too. Then in comments today I discovered that Judy from The Funny Farm tagged me as well! So much for thinking I didn't have anything to post about, huh?

Update: Wow, I got triple tagged with this one!! Datbury tagged me too! I can't decide if a triple tag with a "weirdness" meme is a good thing or a bad thing....

Six Weird Facts About Me and/or Habits I Have
....bring on the weird!

1) I get the hiccups daily. And sometimes multiple (hello, 6+) times a day. This is a side effect of the surgeries I had 22+ years ago which also left me with my "Hey, do you have laryngitis? " voice. I have tried every hiccup cure there is, from spoonfulls of sugar to pressure points. What works? Everything... sometimes... until it doesn't... *hic*

2) I was a complete and strict vegetarian for 5 years in my late teens and early twenties. It is uncertain as to the origins of my self imposed vegetarianism. But a summer spent as a grill cook at Burger Bob's in my home town is suspect. Times have changed, though. I now enjoy my filet mignon medium rare, thankyouverymuch. Mmmmm.... meat.

3) I have double jointed knees that I can partially dislocate at will (without pain). Reason number 6,528 why to this day I do not ski. No matter how loose the bindings are set, my knees are looser. And having to put my knee back in every time I fall (a lot) while trying to make it *back* to the lodge is a pain in the ass. I'd much rather stay in the lodge and drink toddies, thanks.

4) I take the same route everytime I go somewhere. The. Exact. Same. Route. Sometimes in the event of bad weather I will have a slightly alternative (and usually longer) route, but that's it. I am directionally challenged and hate to feel lost. In a new place I will literally print off maps to get to the grocery store (and back).

My hubby, on the other hand, is constantly changing the way he goes from point A to point B. Reason #86 why to this day I cannot find my way around the Oklahoma City area worth a damn even though we lived there for 2 years. Had it not been for Pennsylvania Avenue I would have been totally screwed. (Or at the very least, driving aimlessly somewhere in Texas.)

5) I have a habit of making up words to better convey (at least in my mind) what I am trying to say. For example: CrapopottamusRex! or Schmugly or Grotokomous. Sometimes you just need a new word.... I am sure that people who don't know me well and overhear are wondering what the heck I am on.

6) I loooooove to make lists. I have master lists, chore lists, grocery lists, "honey do" lists, all kinds of lists are my kinds of lists. And more than I love making lists, I love to cross things off of my list. Ooooooh! Heaven. The funny thing is that more often than not, I will forget to bring my list along (like to the store). But I do so love to make them.

Okay, there's my six! Am I weird? Probably. But that's okay.

And other people to tag? Well, I think I'll tag Sarah at That's Not Very Nice and see if I can get her posting again. ; )