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Monday, December 05, 2005

Oh, MAN it's cold....

Brrrrrrr. It was zero when I took the kids to school this morning and I don't think we even made it out of the single digits today. The weather pixie is lying -- there's no way it's 14 out. It's way colder than 14! (And I'm gonna have to get that girl a parka. She's going to end up with frostbite for heaven's sake!)

Another busy day in my world. My house continues to be a veritable hive of activity. My folks are going to head back to Wyoming on Thursday. They are trying to time it just right to avoid any nasty weather -- and that's a real trick when you consider they will be traveling 1,206 miles through Minnesota, South Dakota and Wyoming and crossing the Big Horn Mountains (not to mention going down the Oh-My-God Highway ).

It took over 19 years and 24 million dollars to completely rebuild the 57.7 mile highway between Lovell and Burgess Junction so that it would conform to acceptable highway standards.

This is not to suggest that the mountain has been tamed. The new road, which has some 10% grades and drops 3,600 feet, has been irreverently dubbed the "Oh My God Highway" by some, "The Devil's Slide" by others.

It's two long days, and mostly without scenery. Not much fun at all... Having made the drive myself last summer, I can totally understand why they are in no big hurry to get going.

I can point you to a couple of interesting things I have read though, at my brief stints at the computer...

Rob the Bouncer has some handy tips if you are headed to New York for the holidays. (Language alert.)

From Lucky at Desert Odyssey we have a tale (or more appropriately tail) of Airforce Major vs. mouse. Who won? You be the judge.

SMASH and his merry band of Protest Warriors take on Code Pink again. Yay SMASH! But from there I followed a link to some truly hateful activity. This kind of stuff really pisses me off. (What is wrong with parents and teachers that would allow/teach hatred like that!?!?!)

And two of my favorite bloggers have made the final cut for the Weblog Awards. Yay Eric (Best of the Top 251 - 500 Blogs) of Straight White Guy fame and VW (Best Parenting Blog) author of One happy Dog Speaks. Vote often, Y'all!