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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Well, there weren't any ponys....

.....but we did see balloons!!

There weren't too many people in attendance probably because of the chill in the air. But the girls had a blast.

We came upon this mini Balloon Festival purely by chance.

Hubby and A. went on their usual weekend afternoon bike ride and discovered the balloonists just getting started at the fall festival. Via the magic of cell phones -- K. and I were able to gather up and join them for the fun.

The very nice female pilot of the balloon pictured at right let the girls and many of the other folks in attendance help prepare her balloon named Inspiration for the glow. I think that K and A would have given just about anything to go up in on of those beautiful balloons last night. She described in detail what it takes to pilot and care for a hot air balloon. And she gave them better than a front row seat to the glow -- the girls actually got to be in the basket while the balloons lit up the sky.

We got home just about frozen but still basking in a bit of the residual glow.

As Kathy Lester-Ross (the pilot of the Inspiration) put it,
"A balloon is good for nothing but having fun."
And fun we had.

Pretty, huh?