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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Sunday Fun

Well, it's going to be a busy day. We have Grandma L. here and pumpkins to carve -- not to mention 50 cupcakes to bake and decorate for class parties next week.... I have plenty to keep me busy....

If you need something to keep busy -- these are fun...

You are Kermit the Frog.
You are reliable, responsible and caring. And you
have a habit of waving your arms about
maniacally. (**I really do have an arm flappin' habit... lol)

"Hi ho!" "Yaaay!" and
"How Green Was My Mother"

"Surfin' the Webfoot: A Frog's Guide to the

Sitting in the swamp playing banjo.

"Hmm, my banjo is wet."

What Muppet are you?
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H/T Alli


result 1
Your a Verbal Linguistic. Your probably pretty good
at expressing yourself. You love to read and
write and sometimes wish you could become one
with your books or peices of writing. Your
strong point in school is probably english. You
should become a Writer of somekind maybe a
novelist or a news paper writer.

What Type of Intelligence do you have? 8 different results. -*-*-cool anime pictures-*-*-
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H/T ALa at Blond Sagacity


And just for the record, while I am goofing around today, I feel fortunate that I am not having to put up hurricane shutters (like Bou) and get ready (like VW) for a bitchy woman named Wilma (like GuyK). Very fortunate. My thoughts are with all of those folks in Florida.....